Software development &
implementation capabilities

Our software suite helps central banks take control of the cash supply chain and increase the quality of information to improve strategic decision-making.
In a complex and increasingly digitized payment landscape, greater access to – and command over – information is pivotal to driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Custom software development

We cover the full cycle of development from analysis to implementation/support:

  • Examples of projects: Expense reports, Timekeeping(clocking), Simple AR and AP, XML Emulator
  • Technologies: Reactive Native/Python/Django Framework, Python/Django Framework

Software implementation

We are selling and implementing off the shelf software solutions for our clients or for internal use.

  • CWC, Cash Lab – specific for Cash in Transit companies and Banking
  • Odoo – ERP

Software & Hardware
Custom solutions:

We develop software and hardware solutions for our clients having a thorough understanding of their specific needs – a simple and smart system to connect processing hardware to surveillance solutions and to cash management software and to monitor the communications of the equipment (local or central)

Examples: RFID, Datagateway, Inserator, Cash deposit Technologies: .net/javascript, Python/Django Framework

Cash processes

The end-to-end, modular solution allows you to take advantage of state-of-the-art deposit and inventory management, including processing support, seamless upgrades, and real-time insight into cash management across all sites.

Intelligent forecasting solutions utilize machine learning to detect trends and predict future cash demand, allowing central banks to better plan resources and improve decision making.

The software suite’s modular design provides you with the tools you need to collaborate more effectively with Commercial Banks and CITs, streamline and automate processes, increase performance, and reduce operational expenses. 

Key Benefits:

  • Fully Integrated Cash Management Platform
  • Continuous Development of New Functionalities
  • Experienced knowledgeable consultants assist during the configuration
  • Provide online visibility of all key activities across the supply chain

E2E cash operations unique offer means:

  • Transparency: accountability & control
  • Forecasting: cash-in and cash-out
  • Decreasing cost: for services, assets, IT systems
  • More efficient: cash operation
  • Decrease risk of IT implementation
  • Innovative future-proof solutions
  • Security of the process


ATMs, branched, retail smart safes, recyclers, cash deposit machines, and other cash points

  • Forecast the best orders
  • Optimize the number of CIT services
  • Place Orders Online through web portal

VSI is a device able to integrate with the analog surveillance video systems and overlay data coming from the processing machines on the images of the camera.

  • Control and security requirements are fulfilled with a limited investment
  • Solution is Flexible and compact (both hardware and software in the same box)

Data Gateway takes the data format conversion outside the CMS, using software installed on a small black-box that converts the new data formats in the legacy one already used by the client. 

  • There is no need to change the Cash Management System (CMS) when introducing new equipment type (e.g. BPS C1) in a legacy environment (e.g. Glory)
  • Decreased cost of ownership for the new machines
  • DATA GATEWAY can be adapted on any machines / data formats

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