Future proofed solutions from the heart of cash

Why "future proofed from the heart of cash"?

Driven by cohesive methodologies, proven know-how and powerful partnerships, we create premium customised solutions that keep both the pace of change and answer customer expectations. We use products and solutions in the area of cash management to meet all the individual challenges faced by our customers. 

We do this by factorising quality, reliability, efficiency and digital transformation.

You will find us at the heart of cash.

We are Salis Terra.

We started small, as a local Romanian company. Today, through our future proofed cash management services, we reach a quarter of the world.

But what really moved us from small to big was the firm belief that even in a sea of cash, you should always put some heart.

Nowadays, Salisterra operates as a lean organization transgressing the space between brick and mortar cash management solutions and modern payment transactions by providing innovative products and solutions.

We explore how connectivity can be secured in an increasingly digitized world and we empower our clients to adopt solutions that stand for a high degree of interoperability or automation. 

We call this being “future proofed from the heart of cash”.

cash management services

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Back End

Self Banking


Service & maintenance services

Consultancy, planning & setup

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Hardware & software update

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Spare parts & repair

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Cutting edge technology

We believe in long-lasting relationships, always putting our customers and their customers first and acting as a trusted advisor for transformation.

Created in 2003 as a local Romanian company ensuring back-office cash management solutions, we grew steadily into a powerful player backed by our two main partners Giesecke + Devrient Currency Technology GmbH and Billcon.

In 2013 we were operating on the European Market, in 2017 in Africa and Asia. By 2020 we reached 27 countries in four continents. 

Our mission is to constantly be the trusted partner our customers need in securing payment processes, cash management, identities, connectivity and data.

Our vision is to be at the heart of every cash operation and provide leading provider technologies, both in the digital and physical world. 

Our deep commitment to our work has constantly brought us numerous awards, a high degree of customer satisfaction, extremely transparent and flexible business relationships with our customers, high team morale and the permanent development of innovative solutions, efficient in terms of time and costs, both for our clients and for our partners.

Our values: innovation, excellence, efficiency.

We work with focus on the future. We act personally and individually. We are specialists.  Our work impacts directly the entire world.

Our brand name: in translation, our brand name means “Salt of the Earth” and it was inspired by the Bible verse Matthew 5:13.

Salt of the earth means “an individual or group considered as representative of the best or noblest elements of society”, reflecting our brand philosophy that all you need to make a difference is the right people and the right attitude.  

Our tagline: “Excellence is possible” because it comes from the exact people who are “the salt of the earth”. Hence, our tagline reflects not only our business attitude but also our life approach. 

Renowned partners

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